Sunday, April 21, 2013

review of a previous recipe and this weekend's cookin'

Well it has been a bit of a crazy week, but what household isn't crazy with a little buddy, a hubby and a puppy?!  But we survived, and are about to embark on yet another week of craziness!

Review of White Chili
On Monday night, I made the white chili recipe I mentioned in my previous post.  I got home and hubbs had browned and broken up the meat for me, so that was a bit of a time saver.  I ended up draining the corn, and rinsing and draining the beans.  And I'm glad I did!!  Once I got everything in there, added extra cheese (one 2c package), and started to stir it up, it was SO SOUPY!  I was afraid it was going to be too liquid-y, unlike what some of the reviews had said.  But I continued on and let it simmer for a good bit, which took out a bit of the water.  When it came time to serve it, I drained the liquid off my portion, but hubbs kept it in his.  I added cheddar cheese, and he added more of the pepper jack cheese.  And it was a success!  Mine seemed a little bland, but still good.  I had enough to do a bowl for me, two bowls for hubbs (it's always a good sign when hubbs goes back for seconds!), and three portions of leftovers for lunch for me.  When I had it at work, I added pepper jack cheese instead of cheddar, and it made it much more flavorful.  So all in all, definitely a recipe to keep, and hubbs and I highly recommend it!!

For breakfast today, I decided to try something new for me that I have never done before... I made french toast for my boys and me... and it wasn't too bad, actually!  I know, so simple to make, and yet I had never tried to make it.  My boys like it with butter and cinnamon/sugar topping.  Today I wasn't feeling that, so I just had butter and syrup on mine.  There was a good bread sale at the store this past week, so I had gotten an extra loaf for this.  I'm not looking forward to when buddy eats more than one or two pieces of bread for grilled cheese or french toast... we'll be demolishing multiple loaves in one meal!

With another sale going on at my grocery store, I stocked up on fresh chicken.  Now let me say, I am NOT A FAN of working with raw meat.  It can even turn my stomach, but I am better than I used to be...  I decided that for tonight, I would use one of the packages of chicken for dinner.  I took out the boneless, skinless chicken breasts and they were HUGE... I actually cut them up a little bit (and trimmed off some of the fat and other stuff that makes it hard to eat), and put them in marinade for a little bit in the fridge.  I didn't make my marinade from scratch, as a few months ago there was a sale on liquid marinades at the store, so we stocked up then.  I did a garden and herb variety.  If our grill was functioning properly, we would probably try to grill them, however that's not the case.  We've been debating whether to try to fix it or just buy a new one... we've had it since we got married, so it's been well loved.  Anyway, I'm just going to pop the dish in the oven with foil covering it, and let it cook till it is about 160F (I usually bake it at 350F).  Right now, I have some yeast rolls speed-rising in the oven (heat oven to 200F, turn off, put rolls on a pan in there with a container of hot water next to the pan, and let rise for 2hr or until the rolls are the size you want.  Then remove the bowl of water and turn oven on, and bake per instructions on the bag.).  I'm still deciding whether to do corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, mac'n'cheese or who knows what for other sides.  Maybe I'll do some fruit... or I got carrots at the store for buddy, but have to peel and cut them first (hubbs won't eat them!).  Who knows what else I'll fix, but this meal is a good standby that I pull out every so often.  Hubbs doesn't like chicken all the time, but when we have it on hand, that's what we're going to have!  Plus with as big as the chunks of meat were, I might have some leftovers for lunch during the week...

Another recipe I was going to do this weekend was one I got from a dear friend, but I'm probably going to have to do it later on in the week or next weekend.  We have some stuff going on in the evenings this week, which might make it a little harder to make the more complicated/in depth meal.   When I do it, though, I'll be sure to post it.

Nothing fancy this weekend, but still, something to keep in mind that is easy to make and still nutritious.  Back to pretend playing with buddy... he was just singing a song that the lyrics were "I love my Mimi, I love my Mimi" (I'm Mimi to him... love!)


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